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CAIROX‘s large product portfolio of global HVAC solutions

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The CAIROX portfolio can be divided into the following four areas:


CAIROX grilles and diffusers guarantee optimal comfort in the occupied zone as integrated parts of the CAIROX air handling system. Laboratory tests are performed in line with the highest European standards on indoor air quality. Our vast range of air diffusers ensures a perfect match with the aesthetic requirements of your project.


The CAIROX air duct system is a vital component of the air handling system which preserves the air quality and pressure until it reaches the occupied zone. It ensures minimal pressure drop, and maximum air tightness and sound attenuation, resulting in optimal balancing and air direction control whilst ensuring the fire safety requirements of the building are met at all times.


In today’s ever-changing social and ecological environment, we aim to continuously enhance our air handling systems and develop new air solutions. All CAIROX heating, ventilation, and cooling systems are meant to manage and improve the indoor air quality. Our fans, air handling units and climate systems comply with the most demanding European norms and regulations.


With a large portfolio for air conditioning systems, heat pumps and air curtains, CAIROX solutions will ensure you enjoy the best possible comfort in your indoor environment. By using energy saving products, we can reduce both your energy cost and carbon footprint. For example, heat pumps could reduce CO2 emissions from the building sector by 50%.

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