We offer solutions for all types of buildings

CAIROX provides its design office and professional installation customers with a range of solutions to meet indoor air quality requirements in tertiary, industrial and residential buildings


We offer solutions and technical support adapted and tailored to all the parties involved in a building engineering project.

  • Climate control engineering installers, building professionals, plumbers, tradesmen, electricians, heating engineers, kitchen designers.
  • Fluid technical design offices, project owners, contractors and architects.

At CAIROX, we work closely with our customers

Our teams are always on-hand to help you in your projects, aiming to ensure that every project offers excellent air quality, with the lowest possible energy consumption, in all types of buildings.

Tertiary buildings and offices

Individual and collective housing

Various industrial buildings

Medical centres and hospitals

Primary schools, high schools and colleges

Batiments tertiaires et bureaux cairox

Tertiary buildings and offices

A range of adaptable, high-performance solutions for all tertiary buildings: offices, hotels, shops, primary and secondary schools, colleges… CAIROX has the technical expertise to support climate control engineering installers and design offices in their tertiary building projects.

Energy performance and the indoor air quality of buildings are issues which are at the heart of our priorities. We support our customers in their projects to reduce energy consumption while improving comfort, safety, and indoor air quality.

The issues relating to air handling are different in offices, schools, hotels or even commercial agencies. CAIROX meets its customers’ needs with a range of products and services adapted to each building type and constraint.

Logements collectifs & individuels Cairox

Individual & collective housing

In the housing sector, CAIROX solutions can reduce energy consumption, guarantee occupant comfort and excellent indoor air quality. CAIROX offers solutions in the field of ventilation, heating, air conditioning (heat pumps) and indoor air quality. We have developed products and services designed for stakeholders in the new and renovated housing market in the public or private sector.

In the collective housing sector, we support our customers (installers) and expert channels (design offices) in their new or renovated housing projects.

In the individual housing sector, we are committed to offering solutions to enhance indoor ventilation, heating and cooling in homes, while also taking into account acoustic and thermal comfort, and energy consumption.

Entrepot logistique Cairox

Industrial buildings

We offer air-cleaning solutions for use in industrial environments, thereby guaranteeing both the health and safety of employees and the competitiveness of the company.

Thanks to our expertise and skills in air handling and air pollution control, we enable our customers to boost their competitiveness and performance thanks to our strict compliance with European standards. The challenge for industries is to guarantee the quality of their processes, while reducing their energy consumption.

We focus our skills on developing solutions specifically dedicated to all types of industry, to resolve all kinds of issues: ventilation, smoke extraction, network sealing, heating large premises, extraction of pollutants (ATEX), air conditioning etc.

Centre médicaux, hopitaux Cairox

Medical practices and hospitals

We protect people (patients) and ensure staff comfort in hospital settings. In healthcare establishments, medical centres or hospitals, the activities carried out are extremely sensitive to air contamination. These various types of contamination must be taken very carefully into account in building design (studies), construction (structural work) and use (maintenance).

Our expertise lies in our ability to guarantee totally clean air, by purifying the pollutants emitted by various sources (processes, personnel, patients).

We offer solutions to provide clean air and evacuate contamination outside of the area to be protected. We offer advice at all stages of your projects.

Ecoles, collèges lycées Cairox

Primary schools, high schools and colleges

Numerous studies show that poor quality air has a negative impact on children’s health and their ability to learn. Pupils are often exposed to pollutants emitted by furniture and cleaning products, but they are also subject to a certain occupancy density and an insufficient supply of fresh air.

Indoor air quality and its impact on children’s health and learning is an issue which CAIROX is addressing by providing its ventilation and air quality monitoring solutions.

CAIROX offers “ready-to-use” ventilation solutions adapted to educational establishments: nurseries, primary and secondary schools and colleges, and leisure centres.

We are present in Europe and throughout the world

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