“CAIROX is dedicated to fulfilling all the needs of its customers with a large and adaptable product offer”

Proximity for an efficient local service

With more than 70 branches and over 22,000 m² of local product storage, CAIROX products are widely available in Europe, in order to facilitate the ‘one stop shopping’ approach.


is our key promise. When you consider that we spend 80% of our time indoors, air quality becomes a major factor. CAIROX offers a wide range of solutions for creating good air quality for all your applications.

Advice and services for your challenging projects

We aim to provide all the solutions and services you need to successfully complete your projects.

Do you need advice? Our technical staff in your local branch will help study your project and find the best solution for your needs. We use tried-and-tested selection and configuration software to find the most reliable technical solutions.

The e-shop and express delivery services are designed to speed up delivery of your products to your sites – visit the website for your country to check the range available.

If you need an urgent delivery, please contact the company based in your country.