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CAIROX is a complete range of products for your HVAC projects.


Ventilation grilles

Flow rate monitoring

Networks and ducts

Mounting and support

Fire protection

Ventilation units

Thermal insulation

Heat pumps

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Our product ranges for your projects

Ventilation grilles

CAIROX has a very wide range of diffusers and ventilation grilles including wall- and ceiling-mounted grilles, grilles with slots, spiral grilles, suction cups and more.

Gamme grille ventilation Cairox

A complete range for your diffusion projects

  • Floor & wall-mounted grilles
  • Grilles for galvanised ducts
  • Door & transfer grilles
  • Ceiling-mounted & spiral diffusers
  • Air return grilles & grilles with filters
  • Ventilation outlets & grilles for domestic ventilation
  • Ventilation outlets & grilles for domestic ventilation
  • Etc…

Flow rate monitoring

To regulate air flow rates, CAIROX offers a complete range of valves and proportioning dampers, variable- or constant-flow controllers, metering valves, circular valves, etc.



A complete range for flow rate control

  • Flow rate controllers & valves
  • Multi-leaf dampers
  • Constant volume control dampers (CAV)
  • Diaphragm control damper with measuring points
  • Circular control valves
  • Variable air volume (VAV) units
  • Etc…

Air networks

CAIROX offers spiral, semi-rigid or flexible ducts, sealed ducts, connecting accessories and support elements, silencers and acoustic casing fans.


Gamme produit Réseaux Cairox

A complete range of network accessories

  • Air flow ducts & silencers
  • Spiral ducts & galvanised shaped parts
  • Flexible ducts
  • Ducts & shaped parts for residential ventilation
  • Galvanised steel rectangular ducts & accessories
  • Silencers
  • Etc…

Network accessories and sealing products

A complete range of mounting components and support systems, assembly rails and profiles, sealing tapes, and mastics, silicone, etc.


Accesoires pour réseaux et produits d'étanchéité Cairox

A complete range of mounting components and support systems

  • Mounting equipment
  • Assembly rails & profiles
  • Sealing products
  • Ducting accessories
  • Mounting clamps for piping
  • Etc…

Fire protection

CAIROX offers a wide range of products for fire protection in buildings: fire damper valves, smoke extraction dampers, transfer dampers, façade openings, protective grilles, etc..


Gamme de clapet coupe feu Cairox

A range of fire damper valves and fire protection products

  • Fire dampers
  • Fire retardant grilles
  • Fire retardant outlets
  • Fire-retardant sleeves
  • Fire-retardant tapes
  • Accessories for fire-retardant products
  • Etc…

Ventilation systems

A complete range of ventilation systems for your small business or individual home projects: duct fans, ventilation units etc.


Système de ventilation Cairox

A range of ventilation systems for buildings

  • Ventilation units
  • Roof extractors
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Axial fans
  • Car park & smoke extraction fans
  • Decentralised fans for domestic use
  • MCV systems
  • Heat recovery units & air handling units
  • Speed controllers

Acoustic and thermal insulation

CAIROX offers a wide range of acoustic and thermal insulation products: insulation in rolls, filter holder casings, insulation accessories, filter media, insulation panels, etc.


Produits isolant thermique et acoustique Cairox

Range of acoustic & thermal insulation products

  • Insulation in rolls
  • Insulation panels
  • Insulation accessories

Heat pumps, air conditioning systems and air handling units

For your projects, CAIROX offers a range of heat pumps, air conditioning systems and air handling units: split and multi-split units, air/water heat pumps, boilers with heat pumps, chillers, fan coil units, etc.


Pompe à chaleur climatisation, CTA Cairox

A wide range of heat pumps, air conditioning systems and air handling units

  • Split and multi-split units
  • Air/water heat pump,
  • Boiler PAC
  • Chillers
  • Fan coil units, condensate pumps, pre-insulated refrigerating pipes, channels,
  • Dehumidifiers, humidifiers
  • Heating coils
  • Air curtains, controllers and servomotors.
R-aqua visuel PAC Cairox

R-AQUA - Air/water heat pumps with R32 - HEATING - COOLING - DOMESTIC HOT WATER

Choose R-AQUA, for high efficiency

  • Energy class 35 °C/55 °C: A+++/A++
  • High heating capacity with maximum COP of 5.0
  • Smart control on DC inverter compressor and expansion valve for quick, precise control
    of the water temperature.
  • Water temperature of 60 °C without electric heating
  • Wide operating range with outdoor temperatures of up to -25 °C in heating mode

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